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In early 2004 I took possession of a 2004 BMW E46 325iTouring that has come to be a real treat to own and drive. The car I received is pretty stock with little in terms of additional options. Having always been mechanically inclined and fairly curious, I have become very interested in retrofitting some of the options I felt I should have bought with the car. Why did I not get all these options when I bought the car? It was a question of availability and fiscal responsibility. There were few Tourings available and I didn't want to wait to order one from the factory.

The following collection of DIY documents, both BMW and community contributions, are not necessarily tasks I have personally undertaken or that are necessarily for the Touring model. They are simply interesting projects that have come my way and that I am simply hosting for the rest of the community to make use of. In some cases I will simply link to existing and well-done DIY documents that I consider mandatory reading for anyone remotely interested in maintaining or retrofitting their BMW E46s.

I should mention that I am both a gadget geek and love the look and idea of OE fitting. More often than not I will seek the OE route even if an aftermarket alternative exists that may be cheaper or easier to deal with. There will be exceptions to this if I find that the OE method hinders or if an aftermarket approach actually mimics the OE and surpasses the OE's functionality.

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Navigation Retrofit  
  Retrofitting BMW Navigation. Until recently retrofitting the Navigation system to a BMW E46 was a tremendous task as can be seen in Mite46's instructions. Recent research by several E46 Fanatics has uncovered a method using a retrofit kit that has only been available in Europe until recently. Fellow E46Fanatic Technic has retrofitted the Navigation system to his E46 M3 and has shared the experience. The following PDF documents have been graciously provided by him:

Baby Seats  
  Preventing dented seats. If you will be installing baby or child seats in your BMW E46 I can offer you some advise.The first thing you must be aware of is that baby seats will dent your rear seats. Because you must pull the seat belts or the LATCH belts as tightly as possible to the car and because the car seat will stay in your car for several years, you will dent your rear seats whether they are leather, leatherette or cloth. I came across a pad that seats underneath the seat that offers both dent protection and as a bonus also offers protection to the front of the seats from your child's little feet. The product is called the SuperMat by a company called Sunshine Kids from the UK. This product offers excellent protection but mainly for the lower part of the seat. I wish that this product also extended to the back of the seat just like their Grip-It product does.
  Protecting seats from little feet. The SuperMat described above will do a good job of keeping the front part of rear seat protected from children's feet. What is not well pretected is the back of the front car seats. Children's feet are well positioned to constantly kick the back of the front seats. Have you ever seen how scuffed children's shoes are? Now think of the back of the seats on your car. After seeing what little feet did to the back of our New Beetle I decided to get a backseat organizer for the BMW E46. The benefit of this thing is that my daughters can kick as much as they want but all they will get is backseat organizer. The bonus feature of this is that I can put tissue paper, a CD organizer and my daughter's toys in there. I got my backseat organizers from Canadian Tire and it didn't cost more than $20 CAD each.

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